Where do we invest ?


We focus on investments into UNESCO protected jewish quarter Zámostí in Třebíč, that offers original and unique space for living. 

We buy, develop and lease the historical buildings.  

The property portfolio is currently made of four adjacent buildings and create junction of the streets of Blahoslavova and Na úbočí, that offer together numerous reconstucted appartments with stable income and longterm leases.

Network of narrow tortous stoned pavement steets and squares, full of coffe shops and restaurants, became home to many traditional local and historical cultural events and cultural center of the town and that creates unuque Genius loci.  

Zámostí quarter is izolated from the regular noise of the town, protected by rocks, river and town walls, but in walking distance from the main square and park. 

All neighbourhood is protected by UNESCO since 2003.  




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